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The Community Development unit focuses on building and strengthening the trans community, including its most significant and close people. To do this, we focus our work on a social task, generating safe spaces where identity, expression, orientation or biological sex will always be respected in its wide range of possibilities. Our goal is to strengthen the empowerment of participants.

We currently have different spaces for recreation and reflection for self-care. Monthly and weekly we meet in the Trans Meeting Group (GET), Cis Couples Group of trans people, Family and Family Meeting Group (GEFF) and Aventura-T Club, among other activities that take place during the year. Go ahead and participate!

Monthly events:

Trans Meeting Group (GET). Exclusive space for teenagers and trans adults. All identities are welcome. Every Thursday of the month.
Group of couples Cis of trans people. Protected and exclusive space for cis (non-trans) people who have some kind of sex-affective relationship with a trans person. Second and fourth Thursday of each month.
Family and Family Meeting Group of trans people. Protected and exclusive space for cis (non-trans) people considered a trans person’s family, whether blood or not.
Adventure Club-T. Meeting of children and young trans between 5 to 15 years of age (not exclusive).
About us?

Franco López, Coordinator and trans activist.

Dania Linker, Lucas Araneda, Dante Mahat. GET coordination team.

Carol Barragan and Luka Suban. Club Aventura-T coordination team

Armando Escoffier, Mariechen Euler and Jimena Norambuena. GEFF coordination team.

For questions, queries or registration, write to

Note: the dates of the monthly events may change, confirm your schedule on our social networks.

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